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Novella Company Profile

Novella Satcoms was formed in 1997 and is now an established supplier of high performance RF equipment and solutions for satellite earth stations and CATV systems. Products include synthesized frequency converters, block converters, beacon tracking receivers, uplink power controllers, redundancy systems and other bespoke RF solutions.

Novella Satcoms Limited was formed in 1997 by Dr. Ventura Rufino and Mr. Bill Dransfield. Novella SatComs is based at Horsforth, West Yorkshire, between Leeds and Bradford, an area of technical excellence spawning successful companies such as Filtronic PLC and Pace Microsystems PLC. The company has been strengthened by professional financial and commercial personnel, as well as a number of engineering professionals. The process to obtain formal ISO 9001 accreditation of the company's management procedures is under way.

Novella SatComs has grown sharply since it's inception in 1997 and has designed and manufactured a wide range of equipment for satellite earth stations world-wide. Revenues reached £1,600,000 in 2005 and are expected to continue growing strongly.

Customers, directly or via agents and distributors, include ArabSat, AsiaSat, BBC, Boeing Satellite Systems, British Telecom, Connexion by Boeing, DERA, EADS Astrium, France Telecom, French Ministry of Defense. Inmarsat, Intelsat, NATO C3 Agency, ND Satcom, New Skies Satellites, PanAmSat, Raytheon Company, Scientific Atlanta, SES Astra, TF1, ViaSat and many others. Equipment delivered includes Beacon Tracking Receivers, Frequency Synthesized and Block Converters for all commercial and military bands, L, S, C, X, Ku and DBS, Test Translators, Uplink Power Control systems, etc. Products are based on highly integrated designs for economy and reliability (Novella's standard warranty is 36 months). Expertise exists also in the design and manufacture of BPSK and QPSK Modulators and Demodulators using direct modulation at L-band.

Although the business is primarily based on the supply of standard equipment and their variants, reconfigured and/or modified for specific applications, Novella SatComs is keen to consider Special Project challenges including system and sub-system design work, either under contract or as a joint venture.

Novella's engineering staff possess many years of hands-on experience in all relevant electronic, software, RF and microwave techniques, as well as integrated design and manufacturing technology, satellite systems design, installation, commissioning and support services.