Frequency Upconverter


Frequency Downconverter

Novella SatComs frequency upconverters are based on a VHF (70 or 140MHz) to L-band module built on a single PCB. >>>


Novella SatComs frequency downconverters are based on an L-band to VHF (70 or 140MHz) module built on a single PCB. >>>


Block Converter


Beacon Tracking Receiver

The term Block Converter applies to fixed conversion sub-systems usually used for frequency translation from (to) L-band to (from) C, X, Ku and DBS and Ka bands. >>>


Novella SatComs tracking receivers have been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites. >>>


Test Loop Translator


Uplink Power Control

The term Test Loop Translator designates a range of frequency converters, usually with the same or similar input and output coverage and bandwidth, with fixed or pre-set Local Oscillator (LO), and preset gain. >>>


Novella manufactures the UPC300 power control units which are used in conjunction with Novella's established tracking receivers, such as model B356, to adjust transmitted power of an uplink station in accordance with beacon loss at the same location. >>>


Redundancy Switch


Ruggedised Controler

Novella supplies frequency converter redundant systems in 1:1 up to 1:8 configurations. These systems may be of frequency agile or block converters. >>>


Novella manufactures multi-band synthesized frequency converters, block converters and tracking receivers in standard 19" rack mounted chassis and outdoor splash proof or ruggedised enclosures. Novella also manufactures multi-band block converters in a single package, and block converters with optical interface. These block converters may be assembled in standard 19" rack mounted chassis, outdoor splash proof or ruggedised enclosures. >>>


Specialist and CATV Products



Novella has designed and manufactures a range of single card, BPSK and QPSK fixed rate modulators, demodulators and modems with modulation and demodulation taking place directly at L-band. These are extremely advanced and compact designs making use of the latest RF and frequency synthesis techniques as used in mobile telephony. Novella has also designed and manufactured other RF products namely L-band multiplexers and demultiplexers. Novella's engineers possess a vast expertise in all relevant fields, acquired over more than 25 years, and are therefore able to offer bespoke solutions for most engineering problems found in Satellite Earth Station Engineering. Please consult our technical services for advice. >>>